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Anonymous said: did you have to pay the activity fee for applying to the dorms?

I did pay a fee to apply to on campus student housing. I forget what it was, somewhere around $50. Is this what you mean by ‘activity fee’?

work today SUUUUUCKS. i have a few assignments that I have to call ahead and make sure certain people are there. well one store said 10am and the other said 2pm -_- so i’ve been chilling at home waiting for it to be 2 so i can finish this stupid day.


Anonymous said: are you living on campus at csusm?

Not this semester. I live like 20 min away, so I figured I would just drive it the first semester and see how it goes. I might wanna move closer at a later date, maybe get a place with some friends. Also, the on campus housing is really nice, but also really expensive. I could get an apartment with friends for less.

Alexa. 23 years young. Lets rage \m/

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